Re-Piping in Orlando

August 9, 2016

THE PIPE PRICE IS RIGHT   Discovering that your home may need to be re-piped can be a stressful experience. You may be wondering what the cost of re-piping your house will add up to, or even what elements to look at to help you determine a good estimate. Depending on certain factors, the price […]

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Leaking Pipes? Burst Water Pipes? Call a Pro

May 10, 2016

Pipe repair: DIY or Professional project? When is DIY okay? Homeowners occasionally try to undertake do it yourself (DIY) projects. For small projects that require little expertise such as repairing toilet hardware, replacing new faucets, or repairing a clogged drain, homeowners are safe and within their realm. In fact, being a smart and savvy homeowner […]

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The Benefits of PEX Pipe

January 27, 2016

The Benefits of PEX Pipe   There are 3 main types of pipes used for plumbing: copper, CPVC, and PEX. Copper piping doesn’t need much of an explanation, but CPVC and PEX deserve a brief description. CPVC is thermoplastic material made with chlorination of polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC). PEX pipe is made of cross-linked polyethylene. […]

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Orlando Repipe

November 24, 2013

Another holiday season is upon us. This is the time of year when most business activities take a break, and repiping homes is no different. We here at Jeff’s Kitchen Bath and Beyond certainly hope that you won’t need to undertake this stressful activity at this time of the year but stuff happens. And if […]

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Reasons Why You Should Hire A Plumber For Your Bathroom Remodel Project

May 16, 2013

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom?   Remodeling your bathroom is one way to freshen up your home. New flooring, tiles and fixtures can totally change the feel of your home. There are several reasons you should hire a plumber for your bathroom remodel project. A professional plumber will make sure you get the top quality […]

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Signs Your Drain Needs To Be Cleaned

May 9, 2013

Does your home need a professional drain cleaning?   Across the United States people use plumbing and pipes that are subject to plugging and clogging. In Orlando, by correctly observing pipes in a home, the consumer can easily identify whether or not their pipes and drains need cleaning, so as to get the best service […]

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Reasons Why Orlando Residents May Need Plumbing Maintenance

May 2, 2013

Benefits of a yearly plumbing maintenance call It’s good for Orlando Fla. residents to remember that just because they don’t run the risk of pipes freezing over the winter doesn’t mean they don’t have to do a yearly inspection. No matter where you’re located, there’s a need to keep an eye on one of the […]

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Unexpected reasons you would call a plumber in Orlando

April 24, 2013

Need a plumber?   Many homeowners tend to wonder when is it a good time to call a plumber in Orlando. Most homeowners attempt to do home maintenance before they finally call a plumber. It’s extremely important that homeowners understand when to call a plumber in Orlando and why. Attempting to fix a plumbing issue […]

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What To Consider When Repiping Your Home

April 18, 2013

Thinking about repiping your home?   A home is something that is the livelihood of many families. Making sure everything is working correctly around the home is something that is not always easy. Some people may be considering getting the water pipes throughout their home replaced. The water pressure in a home is extremely important […]

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Re-pipe With Pex Pipe In Orlando

April 9, 2013

Repiping with Pex Pipe Getting a property ready to sell typically involves cleaning, repairing minor items, and maybe some painting. However, if you live in Orlando, Florida, readying a property for sale can also mean that the property will have to be re-piped. The reason for this is that many properties built in Orlando in […]

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