Garbage Disposal Installation in Longwood

A new garbage disposal makes clean up after dinner a breeze. Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath, and Beyond can install a new garbage disposal in your Longwood home. If you don’t have a garbage disposal or you need a new one, Jeff’s expert garbage disposal installers can get the job done quickly and at a great price.

Installing a garbage disposal can be quite a task if you don’t know what you are doing. It takes knowledge of both plumbing and electricity. As we know those two don’t mix. Our garbage disposal installation experts, prep you sink for the new disposal, make the proper drain and pipe connections and connect the electric source. Having an expert plumber at Jeff’s install a garbage disposal in your Longwood home can save you a big headache and make cleanup around your kitchen much easier.

Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath, and Beyond is headquartered in Oviedo, we have served Seminole County for almost 20 years. For a free estimate, call 407-968-1801. Our plumbers do garbage disposal installation & repair of most major models. Get 10% off when you signup online!