Accessible and Affordable Plumbing Services

We offer flat-rate pricing so you always get billed a fair set price for your job, no matter how big a house you have. We always try to leave a very happy customer.

Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath & Beyond, Inc. is a full-service plumbing company that has been serving the Orlando Area for more than 17 years. After working in the plumbing industry for 14 years, Jeff Wines started the business and obtained his Master Plumbing Contractors License on his first try. To obtain great internet reviews, Jeff ensured a good reputation for the services they provide.

A few of our favorite projects have been re-piping large condo complexes. That’s when we replace the whole hot and cold plumbing system in a building or buildings. I’ve been re-piping for 18 years and have done over 2,500 of them myself.

If you need plumbing services from a well-established company that does not necessarily come with high expenditures, Jeff’s Kitchen, Bath & Beyond, Inc. is just a call away.